Derwen International Welsh Cob Centre
Derwen Revelation

Welcome to The Derwen International Welsh Cob Centre.

Derwen Stud and International Welsh Cob Centre, home of the most beautiful and versatile horse in the world. Equine, horses cobs.
Since its inception, the stud has sought to breed animals of quality, beauty and ability to perform in all disciplines of equine activity, specialising in riding, in hand, dressage, jumping and driving competitions.

The Centre is situated high above the sea, overlooking the glorious Cardigan Bay, with uninterrupted views of the Cambrian Mountains, and being within easy reach of the railway link at Aberystwyth. Click here to contact us.

Derwen Revelation            Photo: Kit Houghton


Will Irene and Sheila French, please contact Ifor and Myfanwy Lloyd Derwen Stud.

News - Derwen Gladstone:

Derwen Gladstone

Derwen Gladstone will be returning to Derwen for one month in 2017 by kind permission of Ms Gunn Johansson

Cross Foxes

Derwen Cross Foxes

Myfanwy, Ifor, Gunn and Anna at Cross Foxes
Photo - Owen Griffiths

Llwynog y Garth

Derwen Tennessee Express

On the 25th of September at the Cross Foxes Hotel Dogellau,we shall meet up for an informal evening, to celebrate seventy years since my father bought Llwynog y Garth from Mr John Berry, Betws Stud, at the hotel. Also to celebrate thirty years since we sold our first Welsh Cob,Derwen Tennessee Express to Ms Gunn Johansson from Sweden. A warm welcome is extended to friends and all lovers of Welsh Cobs and ponies for a chat and jolly discussion.
Derwen Stud.

Derwen Distinction

Derwen Distinction

Photo: Ann-Charlotte Togner Sweden

Derwen Galleon

Derwen Galleon

Sire - Derwen Sea Adventure
Dam - Derwen Georgette
Winning Welsh Cob Gelding in Sweden.
Owner - Gunn Johansson

Derwen Distinction

Derwen Distinction

Derwen Distinction

Pedigree: Derwen Distinction
Sire. Derwen Revelation
Dam. Derwen Delora

Photo - Sian Broderick.

Derwen Return.

Derwen Return

Photo - Sian Broderick.

Lampeter Show

Derwen Groten Goch

Derwen Groten Goch Lampeter show 1982. Photo - Dai Davies.

Derwen Dylanwad

Derwen Dylanwad Lampeter show 1985. Photo - Derwen archive.

Derwen Dameg

Derwen Dameg Lampeter show 1979. Photo - Derwen archive.

President Elect

Dear friends,thank you so much for your support, without you,I would not be President Elect of our wonderful society. As ever, Ifor.

Annwyl ffrindiau,diolch o galon am eich cymorth,heb hyn,ni fyddwn yn ddirprwy lywydd o’n cymdeithas wych. Fel arfer, Ifor.


I have been asked to detail the history of our family within the Welsh Pony and Cob Society.
My grand father (Aeron Stud), and his brother were founder members of the society, at the beginning of the last century.
In 1944 my father Roscoe Lloyd, bought the mare Dewi Rosina, grand dam and half sister to Pentre Eiddwen Comet, and became a member of the WPCS, and later was elevated as an honorary vice-president for services to the breed. She was to become the founding mare of the Derwen Stud.
Twenty three years later, in 1967 I became a life member,and served on council for over thirty years, and for a term as chair.
When Myfanwy and I married in 1974, she became a life member, and we enroled our son Dyfed as a life member upon his birth in 1981.
Therefore, the family link with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society is over a hundred and ten years in being,and is continuing.
Thank you,



Derwen Revelation


Derwen Revelation commissioned by Sian Broderick to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the Derwen Stud, and our fortieth of marriage.
Painted by Charlie E. Fitzgerald, Scotland.

Derwen Revelation


Derwen Revelation is standing at public stud for the final time in 2015.


Derwen Stud


Derwen Stud is celebrating its seventieth birthday this year.The founder, the late E.Roscoe Lloyd, bought the foundation mare Dewi Rosina in May 1944 at Llanybyther Horse Market, and as grand dam to Pentre Eiddwen Comet, she became the most influential mare of the breed, not only at Derwen, but at studs world wide.